Forbes Photographer

Tim owner of Forbes Photographer is all about the real goods! His goal is to SHOW you just how much your family loves and cherishes you. The quiet moments, the meaningful touches, the hearty laughter - these are all the ways in which your family demonstrates their love for you. This is no more apparent and palpable and PHOTOGRAPHABLE than on your wedding day. These are the photos he unobtrusively works hard for. Visual evidence of love at work in your life. 


Tim started his business as a full-time wedding photographer in 2006 and has since photographed over 250 weddings. In 2008, wanting to take his photography to the next level, he went to a life-changing workshop called the ‘Foundation Workshop‘ where he learned how to compose images cleanly, zero-in on emotion and then capture moments. It encouraged him to change everything about how he shoots and to embark on a journey of constant improvement – both personally and photographically. He is constantly going to photography conferences and workshops in order to improve. He is never easy on himself, but he LOVES what he does.


If great photography is one of the most important parts of your upcoming wedding,

Tim is your guy!