Cakes and Takes

When you choose Cakes and Takes to share in your perfect day, that is exactly what they strive to make it. Having been a bride herself, Dianna Hardy the owner and operator for over 15 years, understands the pressures that come with the big day. Rest assured that with Dianna you're not only getting someone experienced but also a true artist when it comes to her work. 


A very talented designer with her cakes she can make imaginations come true and become reality, the possibilities are endless! She has been perfecting her batter, icings and fondant for over a decade and for those of you who dislike the taste and texture of fondant, Dianna is one of the few cake designers who has mastered the art and execution of marshmallow fondant which you will definitely love. 


Dianna is always excited about her projects but the one she is most excited to create is yours!  

Call or message her today for a free tasting!