My Kinda DJ

 ​When it comes to sound service for weddings, Cory Tucker is the go to guy! Owner and operator of My Kinda DJ, Cory has been DJing since 2002 and has vast knowledge of studio sound equipment since he can remember. He has applied all his studio sound Knowledge to his service making My Kinda DJ the only local DJ service with studio quality sound and vocal. 

 Cory has set up wedding questionnaires which the brides will receive on their own wedding website and a DJ worksheet so My Kinda DJ will know the specific songs the bride and Groom will want and will not want played. Cory who is the main DJ will never plays more than 5 songs from the same genre before switching to another genre. This allows the event attendees to mingle and get back on the dance floor when their preferred genre is being played, leaving no one out. Cory is very good at reading the crowd and playing what the guests will dance to. The staff at My Kinda DJ have outstanding customer service and listens to all their customers needs. My Kinda DJ's questionnaires go into detail about their customers event asking the bride for their theme, color choice and other specifics of the event. Having this on hand allows Cory to have the Knowledge to apply all aspects of the questionnaires to the Bride and Groom’s specific Wedding Reception and needs. 

 Cory's goal is that everything the bride wants the Bride gets. My Kinda DJ's motto is "It's Her Day It's Her Way" and say they live by it everyday and Cory would not have his service ran any other way. A very organized and professional DJ service with very useful key tools that make their Brides Wedding Day a success, Cory Tucker and My Kinda DJ will work with their Brides in every way to do so.