Weddings Kingston


With more than 10 years experience, Connie has worked with hundreds of couples with unique needs and ideas. 

She helps couples create a one-of-a-kind ceremony that is what THEY want. She offers such a  variety of ceremonies and you can choose from Civil (no God), Spiritual, native reflections, pagan, wiccan, contemporary, sand, wine, rose, knot or short & sweet, and customize it til it’s perfect for YOU and YOUR day. Connie organizes you, your attendants, and parents and orchestrates the all-important “who walks down the aisle when”. She works with your music professional to cue them, your photographer to make sure they know when things are going to happen to ensure you get the all important pics of your wedding ceremony.


 She’s worked with Celine Dion’s photographer and many wedding professionals and planners chose Connie to officiate their wedding. Connie believes in building a relationship with you to work with you, not for you. She speaks with you during the ceremony, not at you. 
Your guests will notice the difference and you’ll feel comfortable and confident on your wedding day..